To have the flexibility to make your own hours and the freedom to do the work you love. But you had no idea that running your own business and carrying all the responsibility would feel this heavy. Or how many hours you would spend thinking about your business, your target market, profit and loss statements, social media posts, and SEO-what. Your brain feels too full, like you wish you could download it onto a flash drive for a while, and just breathe and take a break.  

But you have more ideas and things to try than you do energy and time in the day. So, you don’t implement that new automation or hire an assistant that you think would make your business so much more enjoyable. Instead you work more and try everything in an attempt to stop thinking about your deep fear of failing or the self-doubt that you really don’t know what you are doing.  

Whether you push yourself or you hold back, the stress of running your own business is getting to you. You have turned into a boss that you yourself don’t want to work for. And you are ready to get out of your own way, so you can get back to doing more of what you love in your life and your work.  
Working with a life coach can help you create your life and business without sacrificing your health, happiness, and relationships. Imagine what it would be like to not only create space for what you love, but to also have the energy for it. No more sitting at the dinner table pretending to listen to your family talk about their day. No more putting off taking a vacation. And no more being afraid to be seen for the work you are passionate about giving to the world. This won’t be a quick fix, one size fits all kind of work, but it will help give you permission to slow down and not have to do it all. 

You don’t have to do this all on your own anymore. Click here to schedule your free, Business Breakthrough Discovery Session, and get ready to receive one breakthrough around something that has been standing in your way of taking your business to the next level. So you can be one step closer to doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t in both life and business. And don’t let the critic inside your head tell you that you don’t have time for this.  

You deserve to be supported too! 


What My Clients Say

“Because of our work together, I actively started pursuing something that I had avoided for a long time.”

"Marci is very kind, compassionate, personable, and insightful. She is good at picking up on words that I say that are loaded with meaning, even when I do not notice them myself. She is great at helping me get in touch with my inner resources and reminding me that I have the power within myself to achieve what I desire. Because of our work together, I actively started pursuing something that I had avoided for a long time. In doing so, I gained self-compassion and tapped into my inner strength by making it more concrete and accessible to me." -Krista Verrastro, Drama Therapist