7 Guilt-free Ways to Create Energizing Goals


Do you remember being so excited that you ran with every step?

Taking a walk with my son is more like a race with pit stops. He is so excited to be free and explore nature. He only stops to pick up treasures he finds along our path. Otherwise, he races ahead of me. He’s not in a hurry – it’s pure joy.

I get a child’s glimpse of goals. I understand how boring and guilt-producing  goal setting can be! In fact, when I define goals to my daughter, she says, “ummm, I don’t want one of those.”

Our kids create small goals all day long; they just don’t know it. Children don’t dread these goals, unless it’s a goal defined by a grown up.

Adults frequently comment on my children’s energy. Secretly, we wish we could bottle and use it for ourselves. I say, let’s do it. Let’s give our goals a child’s dose of life-affirming energy.

7 Ways to Energize Your Goals (Like a Child):

1. Be Curious  – A child’s “goal” is based on curiosity. What does he want to explore or know? It’s almost never what he should do.

I don’t think of goals as resolutions. They are stepping stones. What do you want to learn this year? What do you want to work on?

2. Simplify – Kids naturally keep it simple. They learn one thing at a time. Building on the skills as they go.

How do we keep our goals simple? Try simplifying your goal into one word. Last year, my word was confidence. This year it is focus. What is your word?

3. Value-affirming – Kids spend time doing what is important to them. Creating. Exploring. Learning. Removing and replacing. Leaping.

What is important to you? Spirituality. Relationships. Recreation. Education. Financial Success. Health. I only make one goal per value, and only if it is something very important to me. Do your goals align with your values?

4. Specifically measurable – Children dream in specifics. They want to be firemen and ballerinas. They want to ride a bike without help. They want to learn every fact about dinosaurs.

If you are going to dream big, make it measurable. A goal like wanting better relationships is too big. It’s hard to start, if you are unsure of the steps.  Instead, be more specific, like being more present in communications with family members. How can you make measurable steps toward your goal?

5. Realistic bites – Kids don’t go on to a new task, until they’ve mastered the previous skill. It’s innate and self-driven.

Take realistic bites out of your goals and dreams. If it’s a delicious goal, you will want to keep chewing on it. If you have too much to eat, you will get full and tired quickly. What is realistic for you to accomplish today, this week, this year?

6. Resourceful – My kids are too young to get bored. Almost anything is a toy. They are resourceful. And, they won’t stop until they have made or found the tools they need.

What tools do you already possess to work on your goals? E-books on your desktop. Wisdom from previous years.  What resources do you need to acquire in order to reach your goals? Hire a coach. Take a class. Read a book.

7. Adventure focus – Children seem to know better than us, that life is an adventure. Accidents happen. Obstacles are treasures. Enjoy the moment.

Do you harbor guilt about goals left to attain? Guilt doesn’t belong in an adventure. Each step is important, even if it takes you away from your goal. Change is always in progress. Let go of absolutes and resolutions. Lean into life’s adventure – your learning is already in progress.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.
There are no mistakes, just chances we’ve taken.
Lay down your regrets, cause all we have is now”                                   By India Arie, A Beautiful Day

What are you most excited about learning or growing? Please share how you infuse energy into your goals.


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11 responses to “7 Guilt-free Ways to Create Energizing Goals

  1. Fantastic post, Marci! I really like your re-thinking of goals and your emphasis on getting rid of guilt around them. From your list, I think I focus on simplifying my daily life and affirming my values. But I wish I had more adventure in my life. So, thanks for the nudge to dream up some adventures!

    • Thank you Ami. I agree that we are both looking for a new way to think about goals. I have read a lot about goal setting, so think we each have to put our own spin on what works for us. And, I say even if you don’t make adventure, it will find you, just watch for it – life is an adventure 🙂

  2. Making goals isn’t the problem for me………following through is what’s difficult.

    I make goals all the time. Rarely, do I get through them. 🙂

    • Hello Jon, Thanks for visiting my blog. I don’t get through with my goals when I have too many, or maybe I truly change my mind/my direction/get clarification. What do you think get’s in your way of follow through?

  3. How I wish I could bring back the time when I was a child. Back then, everything was heaven. I really don’t know what happens to our minds when we grow up, perhaps the system has corrupted the once beautiful that’s within us all. What you’ve written here is beautiful and I will try to heed your wisdom here. 🙂

  4. You’ve captured the essence of children beautifully, Marci. They are a constant source of inspiration for me as well.

  5. Hi Marci,
    I love this! Children are naturals at manifesting what they want, why? Because of their will. I used to tell my kids when they were small, “Use your power” when they wanted something, i.e. think about it, want it, attract it. I didn’t have to use any more than the first three words, though. They knew what to do.

    Today I was thinking that the reason I manifested a goal recently was that I had made it alive in me. I’m setting a new exciting goal and I’m doing the same thing – bringing it to life within me. Using my will. My power. Like my amazing-manifestor, now grown kids!

    • Well-said Lori. The way you speak about goals tells me that you’ve already met it by making it alive 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience.

      Excitement, passion, will is a great goal conquering formula. I am thinking it’s in the desire to move toward something more than the desire to move away from something that makes a goal really exciting. Go for it!

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