Crush Stress with Loads of Laughter


It starts with a giggle and a snicker. It grows to a snort. You’re gasping for air. Falling over. Almost pee in your pants. Laughing out loud is so much fun!

Having you been too stressed to have fun? Do you tend to see negatives first? Do you have a hard time riding the waves of change?

My 3-year old gently reminds me to lighten up. He is known as “Mr. Positive” at preschool. My son sees the bright side, even when I can’t. For him, it’s funny to run, to be messy, to talk to food, and to be free from clothing. Almost anything is funny to my son, even if mommy’s not smiling.

I want to balance my hold the line, be firm and serious times with light-hearted, belly rolling, laughter. Enjoying a good laugh is the best medicine. Laughter can lighten up even the heaviest load of stress.

Tensions lessen. Moods lift. Minds clear. And, smiles appear.

Get Your Laugh On:

Play Family Games – I enjoying playing games with my family, especially when it doesn’t matter who wins. With the young ones, it’s hide-n-seek, tickling, and kissing monster games. I also enjoy games that involve creative expression: Guesstures, Pictionary, and Inkblot. We laugh as we try to communicate through action, drawing, and metaphors. Creating memories by getting our laughs on!

Watch Funny Movies – I typically watch dramatic shows and movies, the more relationship drama the better. Although I’m interested in the stories they tell, I’d much rather pick a movie with a happy ending or an inspiring story. Luckily, I also enjoy romantic comedies. Have you ever been alone and laughed out loud, remembering a scene from a movie?

Laugh at Your Self – I can laugh at myself. I can laugh at how many times I have made the same mistake. I am me, the one who has to learn the same lesson over and over again. I can be frustrated or I can find humor in this. Can you embrace your perfectly imperfect self?

Happy to Get a Drink, No Matter How Much He Wears It

Listen to a Child – An innocent child sees the world as it is. It’s unfiltered. The world is a child’s playground. Listen to a child making sense of the adult world.

The world through my son’s eyes:

“I lost my ideas, someone stole them.”

“Is your face falling off?” (commenting on mom’s dry skin)

“Are you sucking that up to your brain?” (when swallow a vitamin)

“I don’t know what I’m talking about.” (about himself)

“I did it, I am the man.” (after opening a door for big sister)

“I have a small brain, if it was big, I’d fall over.”

“I smell meat.” (pretending he’s a T-Rex)

Lifts up his shirt, smashes green beans on his stomach. (After I told him, “You can have seconds when your veggies are in your tummy.”)

Share Hilarious Stories – Take a break. Enjoy the moment. Reflect on funny memories. Share it. Laughter is contagious. Like this baby giggling, you can’t help it – you want to join him. Smile

Babies laugh just to laugh.

Be light- hearted, in this moment, in your life, with your self.

Get your laugh on. And, share a funny story in the comments section.


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Photo Credit: Alicia Munoz-Witt

8 responses to “Crush Stress with Loads of Laughter

  1. What a cutie; Mr. Positive …you are super smart, and can teach “big people” alot.!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love to laugh and definitely don’t do it enough. Lately, I’ve been breaking out into little dances in front of my family. They just shake their heads in that “mom’s gone batty” kind of way, but I swear I’ll get them to laugh one of these days – or have me committed. Thanks for sharing the video of that baby laughing. It gets me every time I see it.

  3. Hi Marci,
    I definately agree that laughter is great medicine. Sometimes when I’m having a stressful day at work, I’ll take a 10 minute break and watch some stand up comedy on you tube. It totally changes my demeanor and lightens my mood. These clips of the babies are the greatest! I’m enjoying clicking around your blog! Thanks Marci!


    • Thank you for exploring my blog Dandy. Want to share one of your favorite you tube comedy videos? My kids and I spent about an hour looking at funny videos but seemed to gravitate to the baby videos. Enjoy your break 😉

  4. I have a loud laugh and laugh often. My best medicine for any of life’s issues.

  5. HAHAHA I saw the 2nd video you posted before. I LOOOVVEEE that baby’s laugh. It’s so great to see such a happy baby 🙂

    And as for your blog topic, well I couldn’t be in more agreement with you Marci, laughing out loud is so much fun!

    It’s funny how when we’re in a downer mood we end up watching some sad drama or something that pretty much has no humor. Usually this is because we feel like we’re not in the smiling mood. But if we treat ourselves to some comedy, then that smile wipes the downer mood right out of us 🙂

    Laugher – the most ancient of all remedies to cure the soul 🙂