Squash Perfectionism by Embracing All of You


“I got a couple dents in my fender
Got a couple rips in my jeans
Try to fit the pieces together
But perfection is my enemy.”                                                                              Free to Be Me by Francesca Battistelli

I haven’t always felt free to be myself. I covered up the dents. I showed the world the best of me. The perfect me. It wasn’t arrogance, it was a cover up.

I coped with life’s challenges by being put together. By being smart. By being the healthy one. The one that knows better. Yet, if you looked under the surface, I was just as dented as others.

It has been freeing to embrace my imperfection. In doing so, I accept all of me. My desire for perfection leaves me self-critical and unsure, but my self-acceptance frees me.

What about you? Are you embarrassed to show all of yourself to others? Or, does perfectionism keep you stuck, unmoving, and afraid to mess up? Break through and take the journey of your life.

5 Ways to Journey to Self-Acceptance:


You are you.

You are not your mistakes, your symptoms, or diagnosis. Dump the labels. Trash the shame. Instead, fall, learn, stall, and grow. Thrive in knowing yourself.


Embrace all of you.

We are made up of many different parts. Strengths and weaknesses. Maturity and immaturity. Some parts are shiny and some are dented. Each part makes up the whole.


Accept others as equals.

We are all on this journey of life. Doing the best that we can. We are not worse, nor better than others. We have more in common than we think.


Live in your own skin.

Be comfortable with who you are. Not having to prove yourself to others. Let go of trying to convince others of your worth. We don’t have to prove our point to be comfortable with ourselves.


Let others know you.

Be authentically you with all the ups and downs. Connect with others on the journey. You don’t need to be fixed, just need to be you. Relate to others, as they find their own way too.

“Inside imperfection lies something much more interesting and honest – something worth exploring – our wild ambiguity, our randomness, our difference, our humanity.” Katie Tallo of Momentum Gathering

What’s one thing that you love about yourself? Something that is both positive and negative, depending on your view.

I love that I am a reformer, a change enthusiast. It makes me strive and persist in face of challenges. Yet, it invites impatience and perfection.

I’m learning to love the journey, more than the outcome. And, I’m learning to love the perfectly imperfect parts of me. I can show my dents as much as my shiny parts.


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Photo Credit: “Eye of the Holder” by FamilyMWR

8 responses to “Squash Perfectionism by Embracing All of You

  1. Marci, I love how brave you are in this post. Dents and all, we are perfect in our imperfection. Thank you for writing about this in such a loving and authentic way. xo

  2. Marci,
    Nice. I love and don’t love my loud voice. Awesome for professional speaking. Too loud for a lot of people. It’s due to my ADHD and I’ve learned to control it but sometimes I get excited and completely forget!

  3. I love this post. I’m trying to enjoy the journey too! Hard – I’m so accustomed to focusing on the destination, even though I don’t know what it is!

    I’m trying to let go of the need to impress other people. Strangely enough, they like me much more when I’m NOT trying to impress so what I was doing was counterproductive anyway. I changed my car from something swanky (old but swanky!) to something more normal and common and instantly noticed the effect in other people. I didn’t realise something so simple could make such a big difference. Just writing about it makes me think, that can’t be true, but I really did notice my colleagues’ change in attitude towards me.

    • Jen, be who you are, car and all. I know those pesky worries about what others think can always sneak in, even when we least expect them.

      Truly being yourself, no matter what others think. And, yes it is infectious to be around someone who is genuinely authentic.

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