10 Ways to Let Your Breath Comfort You


Your heart is racing and pounding, like a hammer. You pace, finding it hard to sit still. Wishing you could crawl out of your skin.

You want to make it better, but you can’t. How do you sit with discomfort?

A few weeks ago, my son was having a hard time keeping medicine in his little body. He was one trip to the bathroom away from us taking him to the emergency room. It is hard to see others we care about this uncomfortable.

Sometimes all we can do is breathe. Knowing this too will pass. And, most problems are solvable. All I could do is be present.

I was alert, like a hawk watching for prey. My response rate was so high that I could literally feel the blood pumping, ready to scoop him up if needed.

Like my racing and responsive heart, my breathe was speeding up too. To be available, I needed to sit next to both of our discomforts. I let my breath comfort me.

10 Ways to Let Your Breath Comfort You:

  • Get into a comfortable position
  • Breathe in and out through your nose
  • Pause between breaths
  • Let your abdomen expand (avoid shallow chest breathing)
  • Close your eyes and let them sink downward
  • Repeat soothing words with your breath
  • Imagine your breath as a liquid and observe the movement
  • Visualize your spiritual mentor sitting next to you
  • Make mini-moves (Try “Twist of Wrists for Deep Relaxation”)
  • Watch a peaceful scene
Breathing Relaxation Exercise


You don’t need a yoga mat or walking trail to release anxiety. Our breath is always with us. It gives us life, and it can give us comfort too. Helping us interrupt anxiety and be present in the important moments in our life.

With my son’s illness, I waited near by. All I could do was breathe and be present.  I watched, as his body took hold of the medicine. He stayed home and is well.

What helps you be present, even in hard times?


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Photo Credit: “Woman Meditating” by JesseBezz

4 responses to “10 Ways to Let Your Breath Comfort You

  1. Glad to hear your boy is well again. There’s nothing more painful than watching our kids in pain.
    In addition to your excellent points on breath, another thing that comforts me is a warmth-filled conversation, company or hug. I’m pretty grounded on my own but there’s so much in life I can’t do without the help of others so I take great comfort in accepting love from others. It always works, at least for me.

  2. Yes, hugs are great comfort any time. Conversations too, but harder for me if I’m pacing! Thank you for visiting Belinda 😉

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