Show Your Worry Who’s the Boss


Do you enjoy amusement rides that spin in circles? I used to.

Worry is like being on a spinning ride without all the fun. It’s dizzying and disorienting. Spinning thoughts filled with what-ifs. Heaped with dread and doubt.

We all worry, even me. We assume the worst, focusing only on negatives. Worrying about the past repeating itself in the future. All this worry can make it hard to enjoy the moment.

“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere.” ~ Glenn Turner

Are you tired of your worry stopping you in your tracks? When you believe your worry is true, you’ll react as if you are threatened. You’ll want to run away or fight. Worry impacts not only your mind, but also your heart, muscles, and gut.

It’s time to take your life back. Step-by-step, show your worry who’s in charge.

3 Ways to Over-Ride Your Worry:

1. Self-soothe – You may not eliminate all worry, but you can watch it ebb and flow. Engage in calming activities, such as deep breathing, music, laughter, exercise, reading, drawing, or journaling. What activities or sayings help you reduce your worry?

2. Choose fact over worry – Do you want to act based on worry or fact? For instance, if you meet a grizzly bear on a walk, you would want to respond to your fear. The fact is your life is in danger, and you’d want to act accordingly to stay alive.

However, if you worry that your boss (spouse/child/parent) may get mad, you may try to protect yourself. Avoiding contact. Even though you may act based on your worry, you are not in danger. The fact is you will still get paid, even when your boss is in a bad mood.

3. Focus on goals – Let your goals guide you instead of your fear. In this example, the goal may be to not take others’ reactions personally. Focus more on your long-term goals, than on the short-term discomfort.

Sitting with one’s discomfort is not easy. Facing your fears head on often builds confidence. You may feel worried, but keep moving forward. How long can you move toward your goal in spite of your fear? Watch your worry pass, and your confidence build.

Learning how to view things from a more neutral perspective takes practice, and sometimes coaching. Find calming activities. Choose to  stop spinning with worry. Focus on your goals. Live in spite of your fears by showing your worry who’s the boss!

How do you show your worry who’s in charge?


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Photo Credit: Merry-Go-Round by Ronald Meriales

8 responses to “Show Your Worry Who’s the Boss

  1. Marci,
    I love how you define and describe fear. I wonder if we who love those kind of rides have a tendency to fear more??? I’m going to go do some self-soothing stuff today;)

  2. I love choosing fact over worry. Once I can calm myself down enough to think about the facts, I realize that most of my worry is self-imposed, and even the worst outcomes for most situations will be okay.

  3. So say to yourself As a parent there will always be infinitely more I dont know or control about my teenager and his life than I can ever know but when I have a need to know that can be satisfied I will check it out. To keep worry down it helps to refrain from asking anxious questions. So say to yourself As a parent it is easy to wonder the worst when I dont know but I can refuse to scare myself on behalf of my teenager.

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