Nature’s Good Mood Drug


I sit in my office without any windows. A quick peek down the hall, where the sun is shining from afar. I want it, but can’t reach it.

I get cranky if I don’t go outside on a beautiful day. Whether it’s my backyard, a walking trail, or a park bench, it soothes me. I slow down and take in the view. Listening to the birds chirping, feeling the sun’s rays, and smelling flowering trees. It’s an oasis I share.

Nature is my good mood drug. There are no deadlines, no to do lists, and no ticking clocks. Instead, this earthly painting brightens my mood and lightens my load.

What will you find when you jump into nature’s portrait?

Inspiration – Awe at nature’s beauty. Whether creating towering mountains, fields of flowers, or huge tsunamis, nature is powerfully awe-inspiring. Life ebbs and flows, wilts and blooms, drowns and floats. Inspiration is all around.


Adventure – Nature also invites adventure with many territories and textures to explore. Reminding us that life has obstacles. Finding new pathways over, through, or around these obstacles is part of the adventure.


Ease – Nature doesn’t hurry. It unfolds and moves without a nudge. Nature knows what to do without a memo or reminder. You can’t help but be at ease when you are surrounded by this innate unfolding.


Brightness – Nature, like life, is colorful. And, colors brighten our mood. We wear bright colors or paint bold walls to elicit certain moods. Nature has all these colors waiting for us.

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Creativity – Admiring nature’s masterpiece, reminds me of the creator. If you are stuck on a project, get outside and admire the sensory symphony. Don’t force creativity, embrace it.


Anxiety and anger can spark quickly, but relaxing into serenity takes a little longer. Give it time. Nature’s calling.

How do you interfere with a bad mood?


Read another way nature inspires us at Pick the Brain – my guest post: Unlock Nature’s Secret for Limitless Growth

Take care of nature’s portrait, by joining me in starting “One Block Clean-Up.” Be responsible for picking up lost trash around your neighborhood block. One person or one family per block, and nature will keep on giving.

Photo Credits: “The Other Side” by Paul Dex;                                                         “Missouri Wild Grass” “Washington Waterfall” “Backyard Flowers” “Country Sunset” “Flower Hug” by Marci Payne

7 responses to “Nature’s Good Mood Drug

  1. Hello Marci,
    “Brightness – Nature, like life, is colorful. And, colors brighten our mood. We wear bright colors or paint bold walls to elicit certain moods. Nature has all these colors waiting for us.”

    ‘Pleine Air’ and ‘Impressionist Art’ is about capturing ‘light’ and ‘color’…Pleine Air being more of the outdoor landscape.

    Yes “embrace” all creation for we are also part of it…not an outside observer. If we do not protect and appreciate nature the world will increasingly become a very lonely place.

    I have this related link for you Marci:

    Thanks for the beautiful images Marci!

    • Thank you for the link Rand. I enjoy the quotes interspersed throughout the article. I especially like the one from EB White about not trying to outwit Nature but taste it’s sweet seniority. With nature’s bright boldness, it would be lonely, gray, and dull…and much more.

  2. Nature has the power to make me feel completely whole when I’m in it. That is, when nature is peaceful and serene. When there’s a tornado or an earthquake elsewhere, I get anxious about my less-than-sustainable practices. Before stricter legislation is in place, we need to take it upon ourselves to protect our environment. And from a pragmatic point of view, renewable resource could be an immense source of new jobs.

    Anyway, these photographs are gorgeous, Marci! Would love to see more. And thanks for the link love.

    • Thank you Belinda. I had fun picking out my favorites to share. My kids love to play in the dirt and with twigs, so I have tons of moments captured.

      I took them on a walk around the block and we picked up a grocery size bag of trash. They said this was the best service project they had ever done. And, were shouting, we are saving the Earth. I know there is much more to do, but I thought I’d start in our backyard…

  3. Marci,
    I love nature as well. Growing up and working on a produce farm allowed me to spend most of my waking hours outside. I interfere with my bad moods by running. I’m training for a half marathon in June. Woot woot!

  4. I never thought of it that way, well put!