5 Choices That Ignite Passionate Work

Imagine doing work that is meaningful to you. What images do you see?

Do you picture barriers that block you from doing this work? Visualize walking over the barriers of distraction, fear, indecision, and doubt. And, you ignite your passion in the workplace.

Are you ready to break down those barriers but unsure where to start? Barrie of Live Bold and Bloom has created an in-depth self-study course called Discover Your Passion. As life and career coach, Barrie walks with you step by step from awareness to action. You will learn how to take small steps to fan the flame of passion inside of you.

“Your passion is not something ‘out there.’ It has been with you all along, but you have been too busy or distracted to focus on it.” – Barrie Davenport, Coach

What is passion?

An internal fire that ignites energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. If you let the fire breathe, it will sustain you.

Think about what you enjoy studying, reading, learning, and talking about. Living and working in your passion area will keep your interest for years to come. It’s as if you could keep throwing logs on the fire and the flame would never go out. 

I’ve known my passion, “Coaching others to Reach their Goals,” for most of my adult life. I’ve fine tuned my vision, but I stay the course.

I also have many interests that pull for my attention – music, nature, reading, writing, and photography. While I’ve secretly dreamed of being a rock star or song writer, I know it’s not really me. (I guess the secret is out!)

“Your passion lies at the intersection of your personality, interests, skills, joys, and values.” – Barrie Davenport, Coach

Instead of trying to be something I’m not, I’ve found something at this intersection that energizes me. Blogging gives me a way to integrate my interests, personality traits, and values. It’s becoming more than something to tinker with. I’ve discovered, through taking Barrie’s course, that writing is also my passion.

5 Choices that Ignite Passionate Work: 

Are you working in the flame of your passion? Ignite your passion with the best of Barrie’s Discover Your Passion Course. Here’s what helps me light my way.

Choice #1 – Gather Joy: It’s okay to gather joy from the work you do.

When you do what you were born to do or what you enjoy doing, joy will collect. Give yourself permission to pursue your passion and begin gathering the joy it will bring. Allow your feelings to motivate you more than freeze you.

Choice #2 – Train Up: Turn your interests into skills.

While some strengths come naturally, sometimes we need to train ourselves up. It’s not failure to participate in training, it’s fine tuning. (I train up often in both my counseling work and my writing.)

Choice #3 – Challenge negativity: Challenge assumptions you encounter on your journey to passionate work.

Anxiety breeds assumptions with negative and narrow focus. Unveil the truth and squash the negative focus. Even the most successful person has strengths and weaknesses, confidence and doubt.

Choice #4 – Create space: Carve out space to train up or develop ideas.

Making a transition often requires more time and space from you. Identify what you can say no to, so you can invite the new.

Choice #5 – Identify burnout: Know the difference between burnout and career mismatch.

It may be that you love what you do, but you have been giving more than you possess. When we do for others what they can do for themselves, we become depleted and resentful. Look after yourself more than taking responsibility for others.

Once you start breaking down barriers, you will begin gathering energy to turn your work dreams into a reality. For me, completing this Passion course has ignited my passion for writing and challenged me to turn my long-held dream of writing a book into a reality. (Cast your vote on my first book title here.)

“Chase down your passion like its the last bus of the night.” – Glade Byron Addams

If you decide to go through the Passion course, I hope you listen to what starts and sustains your fire too! Dig in and create the work of your dreams.


Discover Your Passion

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9 responses to “5 Choices That Ignite Passionate Work

  1. cathy ritter

    F A N T A S T I C

  2. Marci,

    Great article ,as you provided some great tips on how to ignite the fire that keeps us motivated at work. When choosing my career I intentionally sought out something I was passionate about. My passion came from self-study into personal finance and investing. With this love I was able to find an opportunity to work at something I was excited about. So, with that in mind I encourage everyone to do the same.

    • Awesome Frank! Not everyone can say they are excited about their work.

      I think there is a career out there for almost any interest/skill/value/passion. Investing is, not for me, but am so grateful that it is for others 🙂

  3. Hey Marci,

    Great article.
    Gathering Joy is probably my favorite tip since it is given much to seldom. We all know we need to improve our skills, that persistence pays off and so on.
    But we often forget to gather joy, to be happy. It is happiness that fuels all success and is the reason to seek success.

  4. Hi Marci,
    Thank you so much for sharing my course with your wonderful readers. I am honored to be part of your amazing blog. Your post on passion is spot on and such a great reminder about how much it benefits us to step back and assess where we are with our career and how this huge part of our lives should be the best we can make it. Thank you again Marci for all of your support!

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