Master Web Surfing Without Losing Your Balance


My laptop sits on an island in my kitchen. From this platform, it teases me. I am taunted to open it. Fretting that I will miss out. I am convinced that I need to explore each inch of the Internet. Do you ever feel this way too?

On the web, there is always more to know and do. One click leads to another. It can be never ending. We can lose ourselves, our time, and our life surfing the web. Or, we can find a more balanced approach to using the web for business and leisure.

Become the master of your time. Don’t get caught in the currents of the web.

Imagine for a moment, you are sitting in front of your computer screen. You have multiple browser tabs open. Tweets, comments, blog feeds, and emails are screaming at you to respond. Where do you begin? Can you feel your mind starting to race?

“When your mind is racing, it is harder to balance.” ~Vicki, my yoga instructor

If we are going to live in a techno-speedy world, we have to learn how to mindfully surf through all the information the internet holds. One of the ways I have been mastering my time on the internet is to apply basic yoga practices. 

What! How the heck do you apply yoga to surfing the web? Well, hang loose and grab your yoga mat. Let’s discover how to become more mindful in our everyday life, even in our time on the computer and Internet

Yoga Surf Master Practices:

Find a spot and focus on it

Once you are on your web surf board, there will be many sites and messages calling your name. Be the master of your wave by knowing that you have choices. You can be more mindful of where your surf board takes you today.

Move with your breath

Set a time limit. Or, carve out a certain time of day for your Internet and computing tasks. Stop before you run out of steam.

Go at your own pace

Before you open your computer, make a list. Write down each task you want to accomplish in your computer time. And, before you close your computer, let go of the tasks not completed. You have accomplished exactly what you set out to do today. The rest can wait.

Listen to your body

Get up and take a break from the screen before your bum and fingertips start to fall asleep. Do a stretch or two.

Remember to drink plenty of water

The computer is a tool, not a refreshment. Find other ways to nourish yourself.

It’s sometimes the smallest choices in our every day life that make a big difference. Choices can begin with a question we ask ourselves. Try some of these questions the next time you open your Internet browser or computer.

Questions to Stimulate Mindful Web Surfing:

  • Is web surfing what I most want to be doing right now?
  • What do I want to accomplish on the computer?
  • How long do/can I be on the computer?
  • Am I looking for new information on this topic?
  • Is there anything I am avoiding right now by surfing the web?

Discover which questions and practices work best for you. You are one step closer to finding more balance in your every day life. Determine to stand up to the waves you are surfing on. Don’t be caught in the undercurrent of mindless surfing.

Please share what helps you master the wave of internet information and tasks.


Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on The Daily Brainstorm

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Photo Credit: “Balance” by Canon in 2D

11 responses to “Master Web Surfing Without Losing Your Balance

  1. I think that’s one of the most useful blog posts I have ever read.

    The computer saps my time. I have been awake for five hours but have not done anything productive yet because I have been online. I am STILL in bed surfing the web. Meanwhile my publisher (I’m a writer) is waiting on a chapter….

    I just mindlessly go onto the computer when I don’t feel like being productive … I don’t go on with a list of tasks. I think that’s what I need to start doing. A list of tasks and a limited time. That way I can still enjoy my hobby but it doesn’t use up my entire life!

    • Jen, Thank you!
      It helps to think about all the marketing that goes on in the internet. I end up thinking I need (even if I really wasn’t looking for them) whatever someone’s offering. I find I have to keep on a high “mental filter” by asking myself: is this something I really want to sign up for, or am I just being sold into it.

      We have a DVR on our TV, so I never see commercials. Instead,, the internet is one big commercial – read me, click me, sign up for me. Being more mindful helps me not get sucked in as often. And, then let myself be sold if it is exactly what I was searching for.

      Good luck with your book!

  2. Hey Marci, I am like a computer geek myself, when I am roaming off the computer, I use my own telephone! Hover, I really don’t watch a lot of television because of so much negativity going on, unless it’s espn, college football, or tvland, that’s it! I really agree with you on that we don’t need to consume way too much our time on the web, which it should be balanced! I know that I read when I am not surfing the computer, but you are right that people need balance!

    • Thanks for visiting Tyler. Computers are definitely a part of our life, but can also be used to avoid what’s right in front of us. Moderation, balance all good.

  3. Hello Marci,

    You may have already read Tess’s

    “75 Steps for a Fear-Less Life”

    If not, this step seems to come into play when the surf is a bummer:

    36. Take a digital sabbatical. The world won’t end

    For me as an Antique/Art Dealer the search engine of the net has enabled me to get rid of a ton of books.

    Also, as a stagehand the learning sites, apps, the actual use of the laptop during a working event is now so much part of my life.

    Also from “75 Steps for a Fear-Less Life”:

    31. Don’t listen to or watch the news. It steals your joy.

    I don’t have network TV at home. I am becoming more mindful to avoid all that will steal my joy on the internet also.

    Your yoga tips are great!

    Thank you Marci!

    Take care,

    • Thanks for adding to the discussion Rand. I take a digital sabbatical on Saturdays, which is so freeing, relaxing, and sometimes hard to do.

      And, I haven’t watched the news in probably 10 years! I am out of the loop, but have so few minutes/hours to myself that watching the news is the last thing I want to do when I create space for myself!

  4. Wow Marci!

    Sounds like you may of submitted #31 to Tess!

    I’ve been off the tube for about 3 years.

    Now that my daughter is going to be away to college in seventeen days, I will have even more time to myself…if I could I’d give you some of my *free time*

    But since I cannot do this, I wish that you are filled with peace, joy, goodness, and meditative replenishment during the time you have to yourself.

    Om Shanti…

  5. Great! Yoga, But may I ask with you, if you don’t mind, how it is important the yoga in the life of a person.

    • Yoga was my inspiration for this post, not a prescription of use. It’s one of my favorite ways to exercise. I found I could relate my yoga practice to how I live my life, wanting more balance and peace of mind. I don’t think you need to take up yoga, just soak in the wisdom it gives.