Can You Simplify Life Change?


Do you ever act like a deer frozen in headlights? Overwhelmed with what you want to change about yourself or your life.

Change can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There may be many steps to take or repeat.

I used to expect myself to change overnight, only to be frustrated and disappointed with my slow learning. But, now I celebrate the small steps. I may be inching forward, but I’m moving!

While I know change isn’t always easy or quick, finding a way to take small, simple steps is very appealing. Are you looking for a way to simplify the changes you wish to make?

An Exploration on Simplifying Change:

I’ve invited a guest today to share her thoughts on how she is simplifying change in her life. Katie Tallo is the author of the blog, Momentum Gathering, where she writes about “simple, soulful ways to live, eat, move, create, and flow with life.”

Marci: What are you working on now, either personally or occupationally? 

Katie: I feel blessed to be involved in projects that mean so much to me. This fall, I’ll be writing and directing a documentary about adolescent mental illness, collaborating with wonderful partners on an online course about habit creation (, and writing my first novel — a gritty epic love/hate story. These projects will challenge me creatively, intellectually and emotionally. 

Marci: What traits or resources keep you motivated? 

Katie: I stay motivated by continually exploring ideas about self improvement, self discovery, enlightenment and awakening. I explore these ideas in books, online, by talking to others, and by connecting with nature. I am also motivated when people in my life count on me, consult me and believe in me.

I am motivated to live life fully — mindfully — so that I can be a great role model to my daughter. That means loving the life I have right now and embracing who I am right now. Perfection isn’t the goal. Being someone else isn’t the goal. Moving towards loving my life is my goal.

Marci: How do you get back on track if you take a misstep?

Katie: I forgive, head out into nature, love myself, and behave as though I am my own best friend. Remember that I am enough. 

Marci: How many repetitions does it take before a new habit is routine?

Katie: I think daily, small changes lead to lasting change. Doing something every day makes it easier than every other day, at least for me, because it becomes part of my routine, somehow taking much less effort. 

Marci: What choices have created a big change in your life?

Katie: To not over-complicate life has been a very conscious choice for me. I live in a place where I can walk to shops. I have one child, I don’t over-schedule myself, and I have a lot of alone time. Each have made a huge difference in my creative life, personal relationships and my overall sense of well being.

Marci: What does being liberated look like for you?

Katie: Being liberated means being able to choose how you live your day. Not compromising who you are for a friend, boss, or a partner. Instead, being able to be yourself in all your interactions — and trusting that you are enough, worthy, and okay. If you’re always compromising, you’re not free to be you.

Marci: Please share how you discovered that small steps can create big change.

Katie: One day, I realized that I had become a very different person in just a few years. I’d quit smoking, stopped eating meat, started exercising, blogging, and was debt free – I felt different and looked different. All it took was creating enough space in my life for what mattered most. Slowly, doing one small change at a time, along with a lot of mistakes and learning along the way.

I share some ways to create that space and forge ahead on my blog and in my life cleanse. I know these changes have brought me great joy, and I hope to share that simple feeling of momentum with others. That’s why I call it momentum gathering – it’s a resource for making change, but it’s also a gathering place for like-minded people to share and grow. It’s been a wonderful journey.

Marci: Thank you for sharing your journey with us today. Katie is someone I wanted to share with you, because she is someone who gracefully and graciously stays true to herself. Accepting herself and her journey, with all the ups, downs, triumphs, and setbacks. She keeps her momentum going, even if that means doing nothing. She inspires me to simplify by just being me.

What are you working on? How do you break down big changes into small steps?


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Katie Tallo is a mother, wife, writer, director, artist, fitness lover, vegetarian, motivator and momentum gatherer. She describes herself as human, flexible, imperfect, ambiguous, restless and free to become whatever she wants to be.


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Katie has created a 7-Week Life Cleanse – a simple guide to creating the life you want. Check it out!

5 responses to “Can You Simplify Life Change?

  1. Great interview!
    It’s all about baby steps towards what we want to accomplish and pursue. That way when we are successful with the small step we are motivated to go on to the next and next…..Success builds on success.
    I love reading how you make time to develop and grow your creative side. Things come to me when I walk (which I do daily). I also love being out in nature. It’s where I do my (life) coaching.
    I will certainly be checking out your site. Thank you.

    • Thanks Harriet for the encouragement and enthusiasm. I’m a big fan of walking in nature as well. It’s a great place to empty the mind and prepare for the next small step. I look forward to checking our your site too.

    • I get most of my ideas when I’m walking too, or when I first wake up in the morning. Being creative requires alone time for me, which is sometimes hard to find. Doing Katie’s life cleanse is a gentle reminder to create space.

      I have also recently changed my morning routine. Letting my kids get themselves ready without reminders is a small step, but so worth it. Instead I get up before them, so I’m less hurried by the time they get up. Thanks Katie for the invitation in your life cleanse for thoughtful reflection on even the tiniest things!

  2. “I can live without money, but I cannot live without love.” ~ Judy Garland

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