Top 6 Relationship Growing Tips for a New Year


The countdown to 2012 is approaching. What are your goals for next year?

Pick energizing goals that reflect your values. One thing I value most are my relationships with others. So, each year I identify how I want to grow in relating to my loved ones.

Being in the business of coaching others, I find there is always something I can work on. Some of my previous relating goals have been: 1) being more present, 2) being less critical, and 3) being more grateful. There is always room for grow.

Connect through Growing Yourself:

Do your relationships have room to grow? If yes, choose to work on yourself and how you interact with your loved ones. Connect with others by knowing and growing yourself. In doing so, you reduce the stress of loneliness and isolation.

Once you identify what you want to work on, don’t rely on good intentions alone. Define how you’ll reach your goal by breaking it down into small steps. What resources will you need to turn your growth goal into action?

“Vision without action is merely a dream.” ~ Joel A. Barker

My Top 6 Relationship Growth Tips:

To encourage you on your relational journey , I’ve included 6 posts I’ve written on Liberating Relationships. I picked these 5 tips based on what has been most useful to me:

Each of you is the expert on yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes your relationships more enjoyable and sustaining. Let this be a place to exchange ideas on what works for you.

2012 Post Planning: What questions do you have about relationship and personal growth?


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  1. Happy blessed new year Marci, i hope this year will give us more fabulous exciting event for another year to come, making history of our own.

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