The Greatest Gifts of Love


A handwritten “Thank You” from my 4 year old son in his newly found writing. Sweet words from my daughter telling me, “I’ll love you forever.” And, my husband’s presence in a bustling house, playing with kids, and helping with dinner.

Each of these gifts of love makes my heart warm and full. It literally melts my heart like a fountain of overflowing chocolate.

I don’t always hear these precious gifts, but I am becoming a keen observer of love gifts, spoken and unspoken. In doing so, I am looking for more positives than negatives in my life. What about you?

Are you open to hearing love in many forms? Or do you communicate love yet feel like no one is listening?

We can all give and receive love. It’s part of what makes us human. But, we may communicate love in different ways, making it hard to hear it clearly.

You can easily learn 5 ways that we communicate love, and start giving love in your mate’s preferred “language” today. Your preferred “love language” is simply the way you prefer to give and receive love. In other words, it’s how you hear love the best.

Chapman’s 5 Love Languages:

The concept of Love Languages was developed by the bestselling author, Gary Chapman. He’s found 5 universal categories that we use to communicate love.

1. Words of Affirmation: Verbal expressions of love, gratitude, and appreciation.

2. Quality Time: Spending time together with shared interests, great conversation, or beautiful scenery.

3. Physical Touch: Any loving touch from snuggles, spooning, hand holding, back rubs, to sex.

4. Acts of Service: Doing something for your significant other like errands, chores, or repairs.

5. Gifts: Store bought or homemade gifts from necessity to fun.

Giving Gifts of Love Gently:

I think it’s great to have so many ways to communicate love. But I don’t think people like to be hit over the head with expressions of love. I prefer the subtle, even unintended, yet appreciated expressions of love. That is, gifts of love without conditions, pressure, or expectations.

So if you feel inspired to share your love language with your mate, do so without pressure or critique. Instead share what you most appreciate about them. For instance, “I love it when you/we  ________________.” Telling your mate without pressure is another way to communicate love.

There is no right or wrong way to show love. Mr. Chapman states that we each have a primary way of hearing and receiving love, but I have found that I’m open too many ways. I love hearing my language, but I also appreciate the ways my family speaks love in their own way.

Learning and speaking your mate’s “love language” is one of many ways to be emotionally intimate with your mate. We also share love by sharing our lives and our struggles. Give a complete gift package when you give gifts of love!

How do you best hear love? What ways does your mate feel most loved by you?


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Photo Credit: “Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Lovers” by UggGirl/UggBoy

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