Comfort for Hail Storm Size Stress


Life can be a hail storm. At times you feel like you are pelted by hail of many sizes. Your kids are sick for the second time this month, your car breaks down, and you have a new work assignment to learn.

If we are pelted with one piece of hail at a time, it’s much easier to absorb it. But it can be hard to dodge the hail if we are caught in the storm. How do we ride out the storm when we are hit with many stressors at once?

Do you stay hyper-alert, waiting for the next bad thing to happen? Feeling like you are on edge, gripping your seat, and tensing your muscles. Having trouble relaxing and sleeping because you are waiting for the next storm to drop on your head.

Stress Vs. Stress Response

Revving your body and mind up during stress is useful to take on the task at hand. And when the stressor is over, most of us naturally return to our pre-stressed self. Yet others live in an almost constant state of feeling stressed out.

You don’t have to stay in fight or flight mode, you can learn to notice the difference between a perceived and real threat. Instead of responding to every stressor as an invasion, infection, or rejection, you can squash your misperception before it eats away at you.

In doing so, you are separating your response to the stressor from the stressor.  There is power in realizing that you have some control over how you think about the hail storm that is hitting you.

The more stressors that hit me, the harder I work and the more I take on. I start seeing everything as negative and a threat to my well-being. It’s not until I slow down that I can find a new way to think about what’s stressing me out.

Self-Reflection for Comfort During Life’s Storms:

Not convinced? Grab your journal and take some time for some self-reflection. Explore the idea of how you can settle down during life’s storms. Respond to the following words, ideas, and images in your journal.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” ~ Charles Darwin

Photo: “A Bend in the River”


Question: Is your stressor a real or perceived threat? If it’s a perceived threat, how do you change how you think about it so you can settle into it?

I love comments so please share what ideas you discover. Here’s to learning how to slow down and lean into the stormy times of our lives. Let the self-soothing begin!


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Photo Credits:

Take Cover by Ben McIver

A Bend in the River by Steve H.

5 responses to “Comfort for Hail Storm Size Stress

  1. cathy ritter

    Seems like I am always in the “stress” mode…..”fight” or flight…any suggestions on how to undo that response?

  2. cathy ritter

    Great do you undo the constant stress mode??Practice practice.

    • You are so good at answering your own questions. Interrupt the threat and keep practicing the new response. For me, it’s not enough to intellectually get that what I’m stressed about is not a real threat, I have to find a way to know this on an emotional level. Observations turn into knowing.

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