10 Ways to Slow Down for the Hurry Addict


I am doing it again, rushing and cramming too much into my day. I’ve been pelted with stressors lately, and my cells are screaming for a break.

Instead of slowing down, I push myself and take more on. Proudly recognizing my productivity while my body and mind suffer. Sadly, I am sometimes even hurrying so I can relax, which makes it really hard to relax. Instead I crash.

Even my kids get to here me chant hurry up, speed up, and go quicker. Kids are so much better at slowing down and cherishing the moment. In fact it almost seems impossible for kids to hurry themselves.

I wouldn’t need to hurry myself if I took on less instead of more. While there are times where we need to take on more and rise to the challenge, there are also times when we need to slow down in face of the many responsibilities we have.

Are you caught in a web of hurrying up so you can get caught up, only to find you are too tired to enjoy life or loved ones? If you are a hurry addict like me, join me in a week dedicated to slowing down. And maybe we will remind ourselves how good it feels to slow down that we keep it up.

10 Ways to Slow Down Instead of Hurrying:

1. Schedule more breaks instead of more tasks in your day.

2. Take a nap.

3. Sit, watch, and listen to nature.

4. Read a book for fun.

5. Journal without turning it into a creative or productive work.

6. Unplug from computer, phone, or electronics for a day.

7. Go for a walk with no destination or time in mind.

8. Get a babysitter and do something gentle for yourself.

9. Limit the amount of time you check email and social media.

10. Connect with people face to face.

If we don’t slow down during our day, we will have a hard time slowing down at the end of the day. There is no such thing as hurrying to relax. Hurrying leads to more hurrying as your mind-body stay in hyper-drive.

Learn to cherish slowing down as much as hard work. Rise to the challenges in your life but settle in. Not everything needs to be a sprint or a race. Be productive but enjoy yourself and your loved ones along the way.

How does your body or mind signal you to slow down? Do you wait until the signals are really loud?


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Photo Credit: “Orchestration of Sleep” by Casey David

3 responses to “10 Ways to Slow Down for the Hurry Addict

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  2. Hi, i think i am also a hurry addict, every second in my mind i have a feeling inside my mind that i have to do something ,something important which will benefit me,but i actually dont knw wat to do, i end up hopping from one thing to other, 2 years back i was not like this but certain circumstances, my carelessness towards studies ,and the urge to get successful has left me like this where i want to slow down things and feel more but in a day i just end up moving so quickly that i even dont get up time to absorb all the days activity.
    any help will be appreciated any meditation techniques if u would like to suggest

    • For me, slowing down helps me take care of myself so I don’t drain all my motivation and energy in one day! I strive to balance productive times with nurturing/playful times (or I get all out of whack, revved up until exhaustion). If I schedule less in my day, realize that success doesn’t have to happen in one day, I am less overwhelmed and enjoy the process and lessons along the way.

      You might start by tracking your time for a day and noticing when you were most at peace vs. most stressed. Become a good observer of what works and doesn’t work for you to slow down while still being productive. A few posts related to this can be found here: Single Task for Peaceful Productivity http://wp.me/p11aEo-ew and How Busy People Find More Time http://wp.me/p11aEo-1I