10 Ways to Fuel Your Energy (Instead of Draining It)


Do you move through your day, running on empty, until you crash? There isn’t a drop of energy left at the end of your day, not for you or your loved ones.

The more drained our energy, the more we lean on others to fill us up. We think it must be someone else’s fault for draining our energy. While this may be half-true, how do we leave some energy in reserve?

Instead of expecting others to take something off our plate or reaching for a quick pick-me-up (like chocolate), wouldn’t it be great to create more lasting energy. The kind of energy that sustains you through the day instead of fizzling out after a quick jump start.

10 Ways to Fuel Your Energy:

I run my engine on high, so I can check many things off my to do list. But I pay a price and so do those around me. Thankfully, I can turn this motivation onto myself and find ways to fuel my energy instead of depleting myself dry. Here are ways that help me stay energized instead of going until I’m drained:

1. Relax Midday: Don’t wait until the end of the day to slow down. Give yourself 30 minutes in the middle of the day to be still: breathe, listen to music, read a novel, or take a nap.

2. Sleep Enough Without Lingering: Get enough sleep for you (7-9 hours each night). The more you linger in bed past sleeping “enough”, the more lethargic you may feel.

3. Exercise At Peak Time: Find the time of day that you feel most energized after exercising: morning, afternoon, or evening. If you move your body and increase your activity during your best time of the day, you are sure to build energy reserves.

4. Eat Your Best Foods: View food as fuel for our mind and body. Choose foods and drinks that give you the most lasting energy.

5.  Create Thinking Space: Create space in your day (or week) to tune into yourself. Journal, write, meditate, or do whatever brings clarity.

6. Reduce Tension Level: Develop ways to release built up tension you hold in your body. Choose not to hold onto anger by finding another way to think about the situation.

7. Hurry Less: Being in a hurry and expecting others to hurry is draining. Prioritize by sorting out what is urgent and what can wait. Enjoy the ease of a slower pace.

8. Learn to Single Task: Learn how to focus on one task at a time. Instead of having a crowded, energy zapping head, being fully present is fuel.

9. Work Within Boundaries: Balance work and play by being productive but also enjoying life. Put limits on when and how many hours a day you work and stick to them.

10. Say No To Over-Committing: If agreeing to an additional commitment drains you just thinking about it, it’s okay to say no. If the commitment energizes you, jump on it.

Filling up our tank with sustainable sources of fuel helps us build an energy reserve instead of depleting it. When we take better care of ourselves, we have more energy to enjoy what we value most.

Observe the days when you have more (or less) energy. What helps you increase your energy for life?


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