Say No To Busyness and Yes to Yourself


As I walked my youngest child to his first day of Kindergarten, my stomach was doing summersaults. I worried that tears would burst out of me like a broken dam. Yet I watched my brave young man walk with confidence into his classroom and wave goodbye. I knew I too could look forward to this new season of my life. 

I am now a mom with two school age children. My world doesn’t have to close down on me – it can open up. I am dreaming of spa time, lunch dates, and more time to myself.

However I soon learned that I wasn’t very good at turning off the busyness and just being with myself. I heard other mom’s talking the first day of school about taking the day off to hang out, do their nails, and meet for coffee. But I was more focused on getting more done with less interruptions.

With more time to myself, I got busy checking things off my to do list. I had one lunch date with a friend, but I didn’t truly make time to just be and enjoy myself. I focused on doing more instead of doing less. My dreams were fading and my energy was waning.

“Many modern women mistake the feeling of being under stress for having energy.” ~ Claudia Welch

I decided to put myself on my to do list by making a rejuvenation date with myself. It would be a day to nourish who I am by doing what I love most. I knew it may be hard for me to stay with a day for myself, so I needed a simple solution to help me stick to it.

4 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Rejuvenation Date:

Have you ever wanted to make more time for yourself but have trouble sticking to it? Woman who are trying to be “supermoms” find this especially challenging. It’s time to say no to busyness and plan a day to nourish and celebrate yourself.

1. Make a Rejuvenation List – Write down things that nourish you. Things you enjoy, that make you smile, and bring you peace. Here’s my list:

  • Shower and put on pajamas
  • Paint my nails
  • Read for fun (or learning)
  • Call or email a friend (or family member)
  • Listen to music
  • Breathe in the sunshine
  • Sing out loud
  • Be creative (write, paint, etc.)

2. Focus on Being With Your List – While your mind may wander to work that needs to be done, try your best to bring yourself back to your rejuvenation list.

3. Cross Off Items As You Enjoy Them – Today is the day you get to cross off any item you want to do for yourself. You don’t have to complete the whole list, just let yourself wander to what is most appealing to you in this moment, in this day.

4. Rejuvenate For Longer Than is Comfortable – You may worry that you are neglecting getting those other to- do lists done, but push yourself beyond your comfort zone. For today taking care of yourself is your to do list. Those other tasks can wait.

In fact, put yourself on your to do list every day. And on occasion treat yourself to a whole day of the things that rejuvenate your tired and wired self. You may even enjoy your day, so much that you take an unplanned nap! I did.

What will you have to say yes or no to in order to make taking care of yourself a priority? (I would love to hear from men too – what rejuvenates you?)


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Photo Credit: “Relaxing & Horsing Around” by Chuck

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