Unwrap Hope


My heart is heavy when I hear about the teacher who stood between flying bullets and her students at Sandy Hook Elementary. I can’t help but wonder whether or not I would have the same courage to stand in front of a bullet to save others’ lives. I hope I would.

I know the families of this Connecticut community must be scared and mourning the loss of 26 precious lives. I wonder with hope how they will find their way through this horrible loss.

I listen to heavy hearts and sadness as a counselor but I also hear how people learn and grow through challenging times. I am grateful to hear these stories. It teaches me about the variety of resiliency in the human spirit. Hearing stories of others overcoming obstacles and finding meaning in hard times is like unwrapping hope.

As a thank you to those who have shared their stories in my office and around the world, I am unwrapping hope for you. I would like to share the gifts of hope I have unwrapped this year.

Favorite Blog Articles for 2012

These are my favorite articles from the blogs that I followed this year:

Even when your days are hard, look for ways to unwrap hope. It will encourage you to keep moving forward by taking it one step at a time.

Where do you find hope? Share what inspires you.


Photo Credit: “Christmas Morning” by Marci Payne

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2 responses to “Unwrap Hope

  1. Thanks Marci. So sweet of you to include my weirdness. Happy new year to you, dear friend. Katie

    • You are so welcome. I love to share your weirdness! You have the gift of embracing all of yourself both talents and imperfections. To me that is where hope lies. Accepting yourself no matter where you are on your journey.