6 Best Mental Health Gifts

Now that the busyness of the holidays are over, you are probably done shopping, wrapping and returning gifts. Why not start the new year with a mental health gift for yourself?

I believe managing anxiety and maintaining relationship connections are important parts of mental health. So I’m going to share 6 of my favorite gifts for promoting relaxation, health, and human connection:

Gift #1Young Living Essential Oils; Pure oils from a botanical that can be either diffused, inhaled, applied topically, or taken internally to promote health and balance. Among some of my favorites are: Lavendar (promote relaxation), Lemon (cleansing), DiGize (support digestion), Peppermint (energizing),  Joy (uplifting mood), and Stress Away. (Click here if you want to receive 24% discount off oils without having to sell anything. Or shop at full retail prices here too.)

Gift #2: Massage Gift Card: Schedule a massage for yourself or give the gift via gift card to promote deep physical and mental relaxation. Look for licensed massage therapist in your area. Or if you live in Kansas City area, I recommend A Healthy Alternative Therapeutic Massage.

Gift #3: Sounder Sleep System: Breathing and mini movement exercises to help promote more restful sleep for those insomniacs. It’s more than meditation, as it helps you synchronize your breath with easy mini moves you can do both in bed and throughout the day to have a more restful sleep.

Gift #4: Restorative Yoga Video: Enjoy simple yoga exercises for beginners looking to relax or rejuvenate. Lead by professional yoga instructor in privacy of your own home. Especially beneficial if recovering from illness or injury.

Gift #5: Friendships Don’t Just Happen Book: A useful guide for creating meaningful circle of friends. As adults with busy schedules, it can be hard to meet and create friendships. But social and family connections are vital to our well-being. Author Shasta Nelson guides you through discovering how all levels of friendships are important. Friendships are always changing, because so are you

Gift #6: Emotional Intimacy Journal for Self Discovery: I created this journal with 15 questions that will help you increase your self-awareness in regards to better understanding and developing emotional intimacy with your partner. Instead of continuing to do what doesn’t work, find new ways to connect without pushing your partner further away. This journal is free when you subscribe to Liberating Choices (or it’s available for sale in my office for $10).

Please share your favorite gift to give yourself to promote emotional or relational health. I know many gifts won’t cost you a thing!


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3 responses to “6 Best Mental Health Gifts

  1. What a lovely way to start the new year? This is beautiful list of gift to give anyone. For me the yoga and the self-discovery process are something that makes all the difference, If I can combine this two aspects and do it religiously life and living indeed can very beautiful.
    Thanks so much Marci for sharing it. Wishing you wonderful New Year with lots of joy and happiness.:D